Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Strength Insights and Keywords


There is a palpable exchange of power. Her love for this lion reaches inside of him, visibly calming him. It is as if he is at an oasis in the desert, drinking up the sweet energy which radiates from her.

Her fearlessness and purity of heart brought a gentleness to this great predator; allowing it to, perhaps, return to the innocence of the cub from which he grew. Here is a statement of how love, tempered with courage, understanding and confidence is a catalyst which manifests kinship between opposing forces where gentle strength of spirit transforms innate brutishness into acquiescence.


opposing forces and peaceful resolutions
purity of heart,
power exchange,
return to innocence
strength of spirit,

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  1. I've really enjoyed catching up on the posts I hadn't read yet. You've got a wonderful intuitive view the Majors of the Robin Wood. I haven't seen more than a few scans of this deck, but your descriptions bring a picture to my minds eye of each.
    Thanks for the kind comments you've posted at my place-it's nice to be writing again.

    :) Leigh