Monday, May 10, 2010



In my work journal, I'd written down a description of this card, and actually wrote a whole rant about it... not quite sure yet what that was all about. SO, in the tradition of 'keeping things simple' as Occam's Razor postulates: Given a choice of of explanations, the simiplest is usually correct.

The simple Justice:

A quiet card, showing no emotion, or passion, to ensure all considerations are fair minded; Justice manifests true objectivity. Within the description of the image, red represents the courage to stand as an impartial witness, giving unbiased thoughts and balances with insightful wisdom.

The keywords can be found within the above.


  1. I pulled out my deck so I could look at this card - one thing I noticed about her is the look on her face, particularly the eyes. She is unyielding justice. Justice without mercy. Honestly, I don't care for that card at all! Strange. But who said Justice was fair? Interesting response. I am interested in what your rant was about - perhaps sometime you will be able to share that.