Saturday, May 29, 2010

Review Level 3 Reading


May 27, 2010

Using 7 card spread with significator, as per previous two readings.

1. What have I learned from this Level of the Major Arcana? JUDGEMENT

I have learned that judgement does not mean being judged. I have learned that letting myself DO the work leads to success aka liberation from doubt. I can rise from (my old baggage) my past and start a new journey with empowerment. I have learned that I can live comfortably in my own 'skin' and not turn away, but nurture this and all parts of myself equally.

2. Where does my strength reside? THE WORLD

My strength resides in belief in my journey and faith in my teacher. I find strength in my wholeness (through my 'marriage of spirit'), realizing there has been progress with integration.

3. What area needs more work? TEMPTATION (DEVIL)

The area of temptation needs more work. Seeing where and how I am enslaved in a way which creats obstacles in my progress. This includes my health issues, and that taking better care of myself too easily gets put in the back burner.

4. What do I understand the most? THE STAR

I understand the 'return to light (from darkness) the most. The need for creating and living my own ritual, and following my path and understanding that I reinvent this (and myself) in every moment. I understand my need for this is pure and I will increaste my own light in ritual (of which my work and teacher are an integral part). Finding my teacher IS the return of the light from past doubts that I could and would.

5. What puzzles me most? THE TOWER

I KNEW it would be this card. It has puzzled me from the start. I know intellectually the potential of The Tower does not have to lead to disaster thinking. But I cannot see it (feel) it emotionally. It's a knee jerk reaction still.

I keep having epiphanies (I just realized the release of light from the darkness of my addiction TO distaster thinking could be why I have not understood the card). Here (in this reading) it puzzles me. but put it in the challenge position, and it scares me!

6. How can I improve my studies? THE MOON

Trust my intuition. Give greater reign to the feminine. Trust in the balance of both (all) aspects of self, and trust in myself to use what I already know.

7. Who is my greatest teacher? THE SUN

I also have that optimistic side that sees everything is open to me now through my willingness to work and to play and to rejoyce. Today in this moment THE SUN shines brightly upon my completion of the meeting of the Major Arcana. Continue to manifest this optimism.

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